Armor List
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Picture Name (Nickname)


Weight Comment
gloves gloves 0 10  A good armor for expert players who have scroll of enchant armor


Picture Name (Nickname) AC Weight Comment
helmet helmet 1 30 It can sell to catty for 100 adena
orcish helm orcish helm (OH) 1 30 good helm for beginner
elven leather helm elven leather helm 1 3 drop by shelob, light, a good helm for elf
dwarvish iron helm WIDTH= dwarvish iron helm (DIH) 2 40 drop by dwarf, quite rare, the best helm currently
knight visor knight visor 3 40 The best helmets
crown crown 3 30 For prince/princess only. +1 WIS and +2 CHR. It will drop when the owner died.

Body Armor

Picture Name (Nickname) AC Weight Comment
shirt shirt Not Available Yet
T-shirt T-shirt 0 10 You can wear T-shirt with other body armor, T-shirt will drop by Kurtz
leather jacket.gif leather jacket 1 30 The armor that come with us
leather armor leather armor 2 70 not very useful, don't buy it from pandora
orcish ring mail orcish ring mail (ORM) 2 250 good mail for beginner, it can also sell to balsim for some adena
studded leather armor studded leather armor 3 150 a good armor to sell to pandora
ring mail ring mail (RM) 3 250 a good armor to sell to pandora
scale mail scale mail 4 250 a good armor to sell to pandora
orcish chain mail orcish chain mail (OCM) 4 300 good mail for beginner, drop by orcs sometimes, it can also sell to balsim for some adena
chain mail chain mail (CM) 5 300 better sell it to pandora as bronze plate mail is cheaper
bronze plate mail bronze plate mail (BPM) 6 450 a cheap, heavy and strong armor, spartoi will drop it
splint mail splint mail (SM) 6 400 drop by bugbear, or you can buy it from catty, lighter than BPM
banded mail banded mail (BM) 6 350 you can buy it from catty, lighter than splint mail
plate mail plate mail (PM) 7 450 the best mail currently, drop by baphomet

crystal plate mail

crystal plate mail (CPM)


450 not available yet
dragon_scale_mail.gif (1343 bytes) dragon scale mail (DSM) Not available yet
Dragon Scales
Picture Name Comment
black_dragon_scales.gif (1139 bytes) black dragon scales Material for making dragon scale mail, not available yet
blue_dragon_scales.gif (1257 bytes) blue dragon scales
gray_dragon_scales.gif (1103 bytes) gray dragon scales
green_dragon_scale.gif (1269 bytes) green dragon scales
orange_dragon_scales.gif (1279 bytes) orange dragon scales
red_dragon_scales.gif (1279 bytes) red dragon scales
white_dragon_scales.gif (1067 bytes) white dragon scales
yellow_dragon_scales.gif (1278 bytes) yellow dragon scales

Capes & Cloaks

Picture Name (Nickname) AC Weight Comment
orcish cloak orcish cloak 0 10 useless...
dwarvish cloak dwarvish cloak 0 10  useless...
elven cloak elven cloak 1 10 elf can still recover HP when full of items when wearing this cloak
oilskin cloak oilskin cloak 1   not available yet, it will not rust
cloak of displacement cloak of displacement (COD) 1   Monsters and Players will see you in a different place, not available yet
cloak of invisibility cloak of invisibility (COI) 1 10 monster and players cannot see you, drop by black elders
cloak of magic resistance cloak of magic resistance (COMR) 1 10 it can resist magic, drop by skeletons and spartoi
cloak of Red Knights cloak of Red Knights 1 10 +1 CHR, princes orpPrincesses can get this item from Gunter after they passed the Gunter's Test.
cloak of protection cloak of protection (COP) 3 10 The best cloak in game, drop by elders


Picture Name (Nickname) AC Weight Comment
small shield small shield 1 30 drop by werewolf
orcish shield orcish shield (OS) 1   Not in game
Uruk-hai shield Urak-hai shield 1 50 Good shield for beginner
dwarvish roundshield dwarvish roundshield (DRS) 2 100 a good shield for beginner
large shield large shield 2 100 A good shield to sell to pandora or catty for 600 adena
elven shield elven shield 2 50 some magic resistance for elves, lighter than large shield
shield of reflection shield of reflection (SOR) 2 50 Prevents light magics in certain probability, it can also prevent from frozening of floating eye
tower shield tower shield 3 120 The best shield
Picture Name (Nickname) AC Weight Comment

low boots

low boots


10 can be buy from Luth for 300 adena or get from werewolf




15 The best boots in game, drop by black knights


Picture Name (Nickname) AC Weight Comment

ring of teleport control

ring of teleport control (ROTC) 0 3 Work with scroll labeled VENZAR BORGAVVE (scroll of teleportation). After you use the scroll, you can choose a place from your bookmark to teleport to. This ring drop by baphomet.
ring of polymorph control ring of polymorph control (ROPC) 0 3 Work with maple wand (wand of polymorph). If any players use maple wand to target you, you can type in the monster name that you want to be, or press "ESC" to aviod morphion. This ring drop by black eldes.