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19th January 1999
Family Insignia Added
From today prince/princess who has bloodpledge can has their own family insignia.

This is how to do it.
1. First you have to design your own banner using any kind of graphic tool. but you have to fufill the format, 16 x 12 pixel size 24bit color bitmap file.
2. save into lineage directory using using identical file name. For example nomore.bmp.
3. if this file is different with requierd format , it doesn't work.
4. Connect to Lineage service and check first if your bitmap image looks fine using "/checkbmp nomore.bmp"
5. If it looks ok and you want to upload. type this, "/emblem nomore.bmp"

This will upload your bmp file into lineage server. Once you have upload bmp file you have to wait more than 1 min to upload again.

Items Function Changedlanternlantern oil
- cloak of magic resistance: It works now!
- elven cloak: Faster HP recovery rate for elves
- elven shield: More magic resistance
- shield of reflection: Prevents light magics in certain probability
- yumi: Damage +3
- elven bow: Damage +1
- orcish bow: Damage -1
- lantern: Can be used longer than lamp and rechargable with lantern oil

Files Packing
Packing Files
Today's update will pack the thousands of file into a few big files. This can save a lot of disk space, for example, FAT 16 format hardisk can save more than 100MB of space.

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14th January 1999
Weapon's Power Increase
'Weapon's power has been increased except swords', we will see this message when we login Lineage.
I am not sure whether ALL weapons other than swords is increased power because I have use ID scrools on elven spear, harbeld, arrows, silver arrows, club, lance and elven bow but there is no change to the damage to small or large monsters. If you know more please send me an Email. 8-)
axemaceunicorn hornbec de corbin
flaildaggerarroworcish bow
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10th January 1999
Wanna know more about Lineage US Server?Tronco's Logo
Lineage US server, Tronco has just compiled a new FAQ to help answer questions about the Lineage. If you wish to know more about Tronco, NCsoft, charging, when will the beta start and more you shouldn't miss it.

Official Homepage of US Lineage:
http://www.lineage.org or
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7th January 1999
Sorry that Lineage Info doesn't update for nearly 2 months... I was having my examinations before Christmas so I have to concentrate on my studies.

Until now, I received some results of the examination. However they are not very well, every subject has dropped a lot. Perhaps I spent too much time on Lineage.

Many of my Lineage friends already left due to server error, lagging, hacking, downing and more. I felt very disapointed about that... Compare to the past, Lineage's service has dropped a lot. Everyday I have tried to connect to Lineage, but 30% the server is downed, 60% LAG is too much and unplayable, and the remains 10% is still playable with tons of reset. Lineage staff promise us there will be 4~5 T1 lines by the end of year but... T.T

Anyway, I hope the US server of Lineage can work soon so that I can meet my friend again on Lineage... But... My certificate examinations will come on April...


BrielHK's status: Lev 38.7, HP 438, MP 131, -10 AC  :(

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