What's Old?

30th September 1998 @
Experience Table is added
Thanks a lot to Jake again for the Experience Table of player! It is added to Character Info. :-)
PS: The highest level in Lineage is Lev 50, and we need to kill 117,497 elders in order to reach that high...

Dungeon's Second Floor Update is Postphoned  T_T
According to the Admin from the Official Lineage Bulletin Board, the update of second floor of dungeon has been delayed to 1st October. They decided to have one more day to fix up those. The update will include all the bugs fixes and Second Floor of Dungeon.

Second Floor of Dungeon will be added today!
According to the Admin from the Official Lineage Bulletin Board, today Lineage will add Second Floor of Dungeon! They will fix some bugs as well.

Regular Maintenance Time
The Regular Maintenance Time is changed to every Wednesday between 9:00am to 11:00am KST (GMT+9). At this period of time Lineage will be out of service.

BrielHK's status: Lev 25.0, HP 284, MP 121, -1 AC  :D @


29th September 1998 @
Experience, Level and AC of monsters is added
Special thank to Jake for the information of experience, level and AC of each monsters. They are added to Monster Info. ^o^
BrielHK's status: Lev 25.0, HP 284, MP 121, -1 AC  :D @


28th September 1998 @
Tananni, new monster?

Screenshot and Gallery are combined
I combined Screenshot and Gallery together in order to save an icon space for Blood Pledge. The Blood Pledge is not finished yet. But any way, I added some pictures into Gallery.

BrielHK's status: Lev 25.0, HP 284, MP 121, -1 AC  :D @


21st September 1998 @
Orc Merchant was added
Orc Merchant called Balsim was added. He is located at Log Cabin. He will buy and sell orcish stuff and some other items. His price list is added to Market Price. He will pay higher price than Pandora for some items.
Balsim --- Balsim, the orc merchant

Alignment is showed on Players' names
The alignment of players' is shower on their name. Lawful will be blue in color while Chaotic will be red in color. White color means Neutral. The deeper of color means the longer distance from Neutral.
lawful2.gif (303 bytes) lawful0.gif (168 bytes) chaotic0.gif (334 bytes) chaotic1.gif (223 bytes) chaotic2.gif (299 bytes) --- Lawful and Chaotic

Blood Pledges were reset
All Blood Pledges were reseted, so all players will lose their blood pledge.

Title of player
We can have a Title if we are Lev 10 or higher if we have joined a blood pledge. If we don't join any blood pledge, we need to be over Lev 40 in order to get a title.

BrielHK's status: Lev 21.0, HP 232, MP 117, -1 AC  :D @


18th September 1998 @
New Sounds Were Implemented
A lot of new sounds were implemented. Now all monsters have their own hitting sound, being hitting sound and dead sound. However some sound sounds strange. For example the sound of elder's lightning come with raining... :P
BrielHK's status: Lev 19.2, HP 211, MP 115, -1 AC  :( @


16th September 1998 @
Info about the Black Knights
  • A boat will be parked near the port before the black knights come.
    boat.jpg (6145 bytes)
  • Then, 1 black knight chief called "Kurtz" and 4 black knights with number 1~4 will come out from the boat first. They will talk to each other.
    bktalk.jpg (10972 bytes)
  • After that, black kinght 5~8 will come out also.
  • Then they will walk around the Talking Island. If we attack them, they will group together to hit us also. They are fast and very tough.
  • After they have walked around the island, they will leave by boat.
  • kurtzdie.jpg (2028 bytes) We can kill them before they left. ^o^

PS: If we can kill them, they will give quite a lot of exp. Black knights will drop CM and adena while black knight chief (Kurtz) will drop large shield and adena.

Continuous Losing Exp. and Drop Level in Training Area
If we were killed by the blockhead in training area and we don't restart, our experience will drop continuously and lead to level drop...

Change on Training Area
Now every blockhead in Training Area seems to give more exp. Some of them might give even more. (I can raise from Lev 1.0 to Lev 2.3 by hitting the lowest blockhead)

Fience Wolf!
Wolves are fiencened now due to a bug! One wolf can hit about 40HP pet hit.
I was killed by a wolf today since I didn't notice the HP decrease. I drop from Lev 19.3 to 19.0 and lost 3 pine wands, many armor and a +2 long sword! It has already take me over 4 hours to raise from Lev 19.0 to 19.3... >.<
So don't hit wolves now...

BrielHK's status: Lev 19.0, HP 211, MP 115, -1 AC  :( @


15th September 1998 @
Tips of Training in Training Area
Training Area is located at the western near the Gunter's House. We can hit the blockhead inside to gain some experiement. Here is the tips of level up.
  • The Training Area is a safe place that players cannot do PK there.
  • We can hit the blockhead for some exp. However they will hit back to us as well if we stand near it.
  • We would be killed by the blockhead and drop items and exp. there.
  • We can hit the same blockhead again by restarting or moved out of the map until the blockhead is away from our screen.
  • 2 of the blockhead give about 6 times of experiment of a normal blockhead. They are a litter bit stronger than normal blockhead Their location is showed below:
    The 2 Blockhead
  • We can train to level 4 within 10 minutes and train to level 8 within an hour by hitting the 2 blockhead above.
  • We might use spear or other double range weapon to hit the blockhead withour their hit back. (I am not sure about it)
  • If you know more tips, free feel to tell me. :-)

Change on Pandora
There is some change on Pandora after yesterday's update. For example she will not buy lamp, dagger and leather jacket anymore, and she will buy some dwarvish stuff. Also scroll labelled KERNOD WEL will be sold. Details can be found in Market Price.

BrielHK's status: Lev 19.1, HP 211, MP 115, -1 AC  :D @


14th September 1998 @
BIG update!
Gunter, Training Area and Black Knight were added after the big update today. Pandora has been moved to the dock. Monsters have different attack style. Also, now when we quit/restart in cave, we will still stay there when we login again.


Gunter is located inside the Gunter's House (western cave). He will help the newbie...


Entrance of Training Area
The entrance of Training Area. It is near the Gunter's House. (western cave)


Training Area
It is the Training Area. There is about 20 Blockhead there. We can hit them to gain some exp.


Pandora moved back to the dock
Pandora move back near the dock again. That area is safe now.


MP Bug!!!
One of my friend got a MP Bug after today update. From the picture below, you will see that his MP got some error. Since Magic is not implemented yet, so it is impossible to use MP. Also the value of MP is too low for a 142 HP player. I think some people may also get this bug. I hope Jake will fix it soon.

MP Bug

Chinese in Lineage ^^
We can now edit the text file of Gunter or Pandora and type in some Chinese here. If I have time I will make a Chinese Patch. ^o^

chinese.gif (4835 bytes)

BrielHK's status: Lev 19.0, HP 211, MP 115, -1 AC  :D @


13th September 1998 @
Lineage will be temporary out of service
Lineage will be temporary out of service from 9:00am to 10:00am on 14th Sep. (GMT+9).

Elders were backed to Dungeon
Elders were backed to the Dungeon. Now we can trap and kill the elders in dungeon again. :P

Cloak of Magic Resistance is functioning Now
Cloak of magic resistance is functioning now. If we wear clock of magic resistance, elders can hurt us about 10HP only per lightning.

MPOGD was added to Links
Multiplayer Online Games Directory (MPOGD) was added to Links. It is a great homepage with the update news and catalog of many online games.

BrielHK's status: Lev 18.5, HP 206, MP 115, -1 AC  :D @


11th September 1998 @

Bad News to Expert Player, Powerful Items has Removed

Tsurugi, katana, crystal plate mail, plate mail, ring of polymorph control and ring of teleport control has removed from Lineage since they are not supposed to be available on Talking Island. Lineage has to maintain a game balance.But any way those items will be available in Main Land where it will be completed in early October.

Here is the message from Admin in Official Lineage Bulletin Board:
Sorry to tell you this.....but ...

We decide to delete some items that is not supposed to available in Talking Island. Those item was supplied during Demo. service.

Those items were supposed to be very rare but many user have those items so they are too much powerful.

We have to maintaine a game balance. If we do not control the game balance lineage will be very chaotic in a near future.

Those items will be available in Main Land which will be available very soon.

Deleted items is
Crystal Plate Mail
Plate Mail
Ring of polymorph control
Ring of teleport control

Now Every charactor in lineage world do not have those items..

PS: Sorry that I have not updated my homepage for a week... I am quite busy at school now since my certificate exam will come soon...

BrielHK's status: Lev 17.6, HP 197, MP 115, -1 AC  :D @


3rd September 1998 @

We should register Lineage now

We can goto here to register a Lineage account (Choose Register under the What's New icon). Lineage only accept Credit Card (Vesa or Master) payment. The price is depends on the current won's rate.
We can try Lineage 3 days more after we login Lineage if we don't pay for it. If we don't pay for it after 3 days trial period, our account will be suspended until we register it.
@ @


1st September 1998
(Lineage become commercialized)

01:24 KST - Lineage Demonstrative Service End
Lineage service will be temporary shut down to prepare for a commercial service which begins from tomorrow morning 10:00am (KST).
Here is the message from Admin in Lineage Official Bulletin Board:
Thank you for enjoying lineage.
Lineage service will be temporary shut down to prepare for a commercial service which begins from tomorrow morning
am10:00. NCSoft hope that you enjoyed this game a lot. From tomorrow lineage go for a commercial service.
NCSoft will do it's best to keep this service stable and full of fun.

Thank you very much

Sincerely yours


@ @