Old News

3rd September 1999

New Lin.bin for fixing the Teleport Magic Bug
Our Lineage Client will freeze and hold our PC if we use teleport magic while we are moving, if you feel this bug is annoying you should get the update here. Thanks to LinTech for the file.

Briel's Status: LV 47, HP 575, MP 47  ;) (US Server)


18th August 1999

Frogs drop DAIYEN? US Server Messed Up!
After the server reseted today, monsters drop tons of good stuff. For example, frog drop scroll of enchant weapon, orc drop scroll of enchant armor, skeleton drop crystal plate mail, ghoul drop cloak of invisibility...
I guess it is the event on the test server but Lineage staff wrongly put it on US server. No doubt that our database will restore before this event so we better wait the server restore backward.

Briel's Status: LV 47, HP 575, MP 47  ;) (US Server)


14th August 1999

The Test server is up now, if you have a korean server account you can try the new magic there. A magician with level 4 can learn 5 spells from Gereng. The price of the first 5 spells are 100 adena each. It seems the control of  using magic is not convenient enough since there is no hotkey for magic, we have to open the magic window (CTRL+S) and double on the spell in order to use them..
energy bolt
enengy bolt

Briel's Status: LV 47, HP 575, MP 47  ;) (US Server)


13th August 1999

Test Server for Magic!
The test server for magic will be up on 14th August 15:00 (Seoul Time, +9GMT). We can connect to the server by adding the IP Address '' at the end of Lineage shortcut. It seems only accounts on Korean Server can play on the test server. Apart from magic, I guess Orcich Forest may be implemented into the test server as well.

Magic section added
I added Magic section in this page, there is a spell list with the name, level, MP/HP consuming, alignment and the target of some magic.

Briel's Status: LV 47, HP 575, MP 47  ;) (US Server)


What's New?

11th August 1999

Magician!Today Update: Magician!
Today the 735 files update implemented male magician into the game. However magic(spell) is not coming yet. All magicians are just for testing, they will be reseted to level 1 after the test period when spell is added into the game. So we don't need to level up our magician, it is better to roll a good state magician now (see the table below for the details of rolling). Also, it seems there are some bugs on magicians because many players got crash continuously. Moreover, the update fixed the 'Lag PK' bugs.

Magician Rolling

male magician STR DEX CON WIS INT CHR Points Left
7 7 7 9 12 7 26
PS: I highly suggest 18 CON, 18 INT and 18 WIS roll, however it is very hard to get.

Briel's Status: LV 47, HP 575, MP 47  ;) (US Server)


7th August 1999

Magic and Magician Coming Soon!
19990807-1.gif (18759 ????)

Briel's Status: LV 47, HP 575, MP 47  ;) (US Server)


5th August 1999

Today's Update - Fix some bug of auto attack
Today there is a file Lin.bin update. It fix some bugs of the auto attack control. (e.g. wrong hit to players, cannot attack elder contineously...)

Briel's Status: LV 47, HP 575, MP 47  ;) (US Server)


30th July 1999

Today's Update! Much Faster swing speed ^^
Using Toggle Mouse & Auto Mouse Program is prohibited by lineage system.
It is possible to get killed by Guard caused by fault hitting other player.
Do not use those program.
Instead, keep pushing (not release) mouse button will take you automatic attack mode.

Due to this change, all players, especially those who have lag, can swing faster now. ^^ Thanks to Lineage for such good update. ^^
PS: I am the one who suggested Lineage to make that change. :-)

Briel's Status: LV 46, HP 564, MP 45  ;) (US Server)


21st July 1999

More Info about Yesterday's Update
1. Dice dagger's function finally changed, it have 1% (or more, I am not sure) of lucky hit that take 2/3 of enemy's HP. It will evaporate about the lucky hit.
2. Only level 25 or higher bloodpledge leader can declare Kent Castle War.
3. The loser (no matter attacker or defender) of the Kent Castle War will be attacked by guard for 24 hours (4 days in game).
4. Bloodpledge leader and members can use /pledge command to check which member is on Lineage. (it is not working currently)
5. Safe area will work for war (i.e. You will lose item and experience in safe area if you are killed in war)
6. Kent Castle's inner area become non-safe area. Player can kill each other no matter they are waring or not.
7. Restarting in Kent Castle's Area will be in the town near Castle.
8. When we identify items, it may show a brief decription as well like below:

PS: Thanks to Zena for transulation  ^_^

Briel's Status: LV 46, HP 564, MP 45  ;) (US Server)


20th July 1999

Today's Update! One NPC added, Texture is changed on Island, Magic will come soon?
One NPC is added, his name is Touma. He will repair our weapon like Gayle do. He is located in Log Cabin, near Balsim

Also, the textures of island is changed, and it have a little changes to the map. For example there is a farm near Gereng.
[Screenshot near pandora]
[Screenshot near dorin]

In the update file, there is a file call SpellDesc.tbl. It contains many spell name, so will Magic come soon? The following is the content of the file:
0 heal
1 light
2 shield
3 energy volt
4 teleport
8 cure poison
9 chill touch
10 curse: poison
11 enchant weapon
12 detection
16 lightning
17 turn undead
18 extra heal
19 curse blind
20 blessed armor
24 fireball
25 physical enchant: dex
26 weapon break
27 vampiric touch
28 curse: paralyze
32 slow
33 call lightning
34 greater heal
35 taming monster
36 remove curse
40 create zombie
41 physical enchant: str
42 haste
43 cancellation
44 eruption
48 heal all
49 ice lance
50 summon monster
51 holy circle
52 tornado
56 full heal
57 firewall
58 blizzard
59 invisibility
60 resurrection
64 force field
65 create magical weapon
66 fog of sleeping
67 shape change
68 immune to harmness
72 meteor strike
73 reflecting pool
74 power word: death
75 stop
76 disintegrate


Briel's Status: LV 46, HP 564, MP 45  ;) (US Server)


19th July 1999

Account Expired in 3 days?
Account Expired?


Monster Party near Dorin
There is some monster parties near dorin, some players use many ping wands to create tons monsters. If you are not strong enough I suggest that don't go too near.
[Screenshot 1]
[Screenshot 2]
Monster Party

Briel's Status: LV 46, HP 564, MP 45  ;) (US Server)


14th July 1999

Kent Castle Bug fixed?
Today when we login Lineage it pop-up a window and told us Kent Castle Bug fixed. However I think Lineage staff still need to work harder, since after a bloodpledge take over castle from other bloodpledge, the monster control and NPC server is still downed like before.

Briel's Status: LV 46, HP 564, MP 45  ;) (US Server)


13th July 1999

Update Again!?
Today there is a 678 files update. So far I saw some characters' shadow (e.g. female knight) is changed from black to transparent. (male knight shadow is changed already in the last 478 files update). If you know some more about the update please email me. ^_^
PS: My email address is briel@i.am, and it is really a REAL email address.


19990713-1.jpg (1399 ????)

19990713-2.jpg (1358 ????)

Guards Bug?Killing Guard
The 4 guards near the dock on the Island can be attack without attacking back. They may drop around 45 adena.
[4 Guards Died Screenshot]

Briel's Status: LV 46, HP 564, MP 45  ;) (US Server)


12th July 1999

Tax Rate Bug
The Tax Rate was only 10%~11% yesterday (we can ask the merchant for the current tax rate), however the merchant's selling price doesn't change. It remains at the price same as 50% which is set by THEman (Batman's pledge) before. I hope Lineage Staff can solve this problem soon.

Briel's Status: LV 46, HP 564, MP 45  ;) (US Server)


11th July 1999

Guards (Blue Shark) Hiring
After the Kent Castle update, the bloodpledge members can hire guards already. However the treasury of the castle is negative (it is around -20,000,000) so it seems no bloodpledge in US server have hired guards. Today the treasury is reseted so the bloodpledge who control can hire guard again (but they have to pay 50~80k per game day...).
PS: Although the tax is 50%, the bloodpledge will still lose money (over 50,000adena per game day) to castle under current game system. So if your pledge want to hire guard you have to pay over 50,000adena per game day in order to prevent the treasury drop to negative.
The guard, Blue Sharks, that we hired is not very strong. They are as strong as a skeleton. They are Level 15, HP 100 and MP 50. The owner of the blue sharks can set them to diffierent mode. The blue sharks will protect and help the owner depends on different mode. (e.g. when the mode is set to Aggressive, the blue sharks will attack the monster that their owner is attacking.). The maximum number of blue sharks that players can hire is equal to half of their CHR (CHR / 2).

Briel's Status: LV 46, HP 564, MP 45  ;) (US Server)


9th July 1999

Dice Dagger's Function will be changed today!
Although dice dagger's function have changed once (it will evaporate after kill a player), it is still very easy to use it to pking since some players can get many dice daggers easily. Today the function of dice dagger will be changed to inflict 2/3 of remaining HP instead of killing.

Briel's Status: LV 46, HP 564, MP 45  ;) (US Server)


8th July 1999

Kent Castle Bug Still not Fixed
After a bloodpleage take over the Castle from another bloodpledge, the monster server will still down. I think Lineage Staff should fix this bug as soon as possible. Otherwise it may abuse by players to make the monster server down.
PS: Anyone knows what does the last update 498 files update for? (I guess Lineage modified the animation of something, and might add a new monster)

Briel's Status: LV 46, HP 564, MP 45  ;) (US Server)


4th July 1999

Kent Castle Bug
When one bloodpledge take control of  Kent Castle from the other bloodpledge, the NPC and monster control server will down.

Briel's Status: LV 46, HP 564, MP 45  ;) (US Server)


2nd July 1999

Server Messed Up!
Today the server was downed for serveral hours, then after it on for about 2 hours, all players' inventory DB have got some error - it will no change no matter you pick up or lose stuff. Then people abuse it to make tons of monster in town. They use pine wand to create monster, then restart, and then the pine wand will be fully charged again... [screenshot of messed up town]
Some people died, some people duped items due to this error... Therefore I am sure that the server will reset to some hours before, don't waste your time to get experiment.

Today's Update
Kent Castle system has been updated, some bugs is fixed. Tax income have increased.

Briel's Status: LV 46, HP 564, MP 45  ;) (US Server)


1st July 1999

Think Twice before you attempt to control castle
For the pledge who want to control castle, think twice before you do it. It is because you will always lose treasury (castle's money), no matter the tax rate is high or low. You may have to spend 40k per day(game time). Therefore I recommend just left the treasury be negative.

Briel's Status: LV 46, HP 564, MP 45  ;) (US Server)


30th June 1999

Weapon, Armor and Item List is Updated
Weapon List, Armor List and Item List is updated with weight field added. If you find any mistakes in the lists, please feel free to tell me(briel@i.am). :-)

Today's Tips: How can I contact Game Master (Admin)?
You can email US server Game Master (Admin) at uslinmaster@ncsoft.co.kr

Briel's Status: LV 45, HP 552, MP 45  ;) (US Server)


29th June 1999

Dorin/Karim Bug?
It seems some players' items in storage all disappeared after the Kent Castle Update...

NPC Morphing Bug?
If we use maple wand to morph a non-killable NPC (e.g. Pandora, Luth, Harbor Master) or object, it will turn into a undead monsters. This bug is fixed on the next day.

Today's Tips: How to prevent my weapon from erosion?
Don't use edged weapon like sword and spear to hit stone golem. It is better to use other weapon like great axe or morning star.
PS: If your weapon is erosed, you have to bring it to Galye who located inside castle on mainland for repairing. It may take you many time...

Briel's Status: LV 45, HP 552, MP 45  ;) (US Server)


28th June 1999

Heaven Knight Control the Kent Castle on the First Day! ^o^
The first day incomes and expenses


What's News on Kent Castle Siege System Update?
1. Bloodpledges can war to each other in order to take control of Kent Castle.
2. Many NPCs are added in Town.
3. Two merchants, Andyn and Ysorya is added in the town near the Kent Castle.
4. Some bugs is fixed (like ring bug)

NPCs in Town can be Killed?
Yes, the new NPCs can be killed in Town. However they only give experiment same as a frog, they drop no items and the attacker will become deep chaotic.
Upgrade Patch for Kent Castle

You can get it from the following sites: (official)
I also uploaded it to some hosts, try below if you can't get from above:
http://home.hkstar.com/~leung1st/lin133p.zip (Hong Kong)
http://dgb.simplenet.com/lineage/lin133p.zip (USA)

Briel's Status: LV 45, HP 552, MP 45  ;) (US Server)


27th June 1999

Server is Unstable
Today the server is very unstable, most of the time it is downed (connection refused). And when it is on, it is very laggy for foreigner. So becareful when you are hunting, you may die, lose item and then the server downed. As a result you cannot get back your lost items.

Today Tips: Don't Play Lineage unless you have No Lag...

Briel's Status: LV 45, HP 552, MP 45  ;< (US Server)


26th June 1999

Today Tips: How can I kill floating eye easily?
- keep a distance from the floating eye, then use ebony wand or bow to kill it
- drink opaque potion before you kill floating eye, it can prevent you from frozen
- wear +6 or better shield of reflection, it can prevent you from frozen

Briel's Status: LV 45, HP 552, MP 45  ;) (US Server)


25th June 1999

Kent Castle Siege System Test Server is on again
The server is downed for a while yesterday, and it is up today with some update files. Therefore it may fix some bug. However it seems fewer and fewer people are playing on the Test Server...

When Will Kent Castle Siege System Update Come?
A Lineage staff tell me admin doesn't like to update Lineage on Saturday or Sunday, so will it come on Monday? :-)

Today Tips: How Can I Get Strong?
If you want to be strong in Lineage, you should:
- hard working, for more you play, more items you get, and stronger you are
- be smart, don't cheat by thief, don't play when lag
- don't always stay at town, go outside to hunt to get adena and items, then buy good weapon, good armor, and scroll of enchant armor(upgrade your armor).
- have a fast connection to Lineage, easier to pick good items from boss. 

Briel's Status: LV 45, HP 552, MP 45  ;) (US Server)


24th June 1999

Kent Castle Siege System Test Server is Ended?
It seems we cannot connect to the Test Server now.

Today Tips: What's the advantages of using COI?
The advantages of using COI(cloak of invisibility) are:
- Other player and monster(except human zombie, ghoul and boss) cannot see you unless you attack or use wands.
- It is light and give -1 ac.
- If you are attacked by tons of monsters, you can unwear, and then wear the COI again to make yourself invisibility. And the monsters will not attack you.

Briel's Status: LV 45, HP 552, MP 45  ;) (US Server)


23rd June 1999

Kent Castle Siege System Test Server is still On
Although today is the 4th days, the Test Server is still on. If you have a korea account you can try the features of the Kent Castle Siege System. Click here to see how to connect to the server.

Today Tips: How to avoid spam messages?
If you see someone keep spamming in Lineage, you can type '/exclude spammer_name' in order to avoid the messages from the spammer. You can also double right click on the name of the spammer in the message window so as to do this.

Briel's Status: LV 44, HP 538, MP 45  ;) (US Server)


22nd June 1999

Server down due to moving server
The server of NCsoft is moving server to their ISP host, so that the game servers and homepage servers of Lineage is downed for about 10 hours. After the server moved, Lineage auto update will not affect the game play therefore Players may feel less lag.

Today Tips: How to pass the Prince/Princess's Gunter Test?
Firstly, your prince/princess character should be level 10(or 15) or higher. Then bring 5 members of your bloodpledge to Gunter's House which located on the north-west of Island Town (near training area), talk to Gunter and select 'Request for Gunter's Test'. After that you will pass the test and Gunter will give you 'cloak of Red Knights' which -1ac and +1 CHR.
PS: If Gunter doesn't give you the cloak, try to wait for a while and ask each member take to Gunter once.

Briel's Status: LV 43, HP 529, MP 44  ;) (US Server)


21st June 1999

What can I do when my Account Expired?
Since the registration page is not work yet, if our account is expired, we can email uslinmaster@ncsoft.co.kr to ask admin to extend our account until we can register for it. Please be patient while waiting admin to reply since it may take a day.

Today Tips: How to pass the Knights' Gunter Test?
Firstly, your character should be level 15 or higher. Then go to Gunter's House which located on the north-west of Island Town, talk to Gunter and select 'Request for Gunter's Test'. After that go to the west forest to kill a shelob alone(without other players help), the shelob will drop 'nail of shelob' to you. Bring this item to Gunter and select 'Request for Gunter's Test' again. Then you will pass the Gunter's Test and Gunter will give you 'sword of Red Knights' which damage is 8/12 and +1 STR.

Briel's Status: LV 43, HP 529, MP 44  ;) (US Server)


20th June 1999

More Info about the Kent Castle Siege System Test Server
Price List of the merchants: (Tax rate: 0%)
name adena
arrow (10) 1
silver arrow (5) 1
bow 100
battle axe 700
war hammer 1000
morning star 3500
lucern hammer 10000
great axe 23000
broadsword 350
short sword 950
long sword 5000
gradius 6000
katana 20000
small shield 60
large shield 1200
tower shield 7000
helmet 200
knight visor 5000
leather armor 100
studded leather armor 300
ring mail 500
scale mail 2000
chain mail 6000
bronze plate mail 16000
splint mail 20000
name adena
meat 1
low boots 300
boots 1000
candle 2
lamp 40
lantern 100
lantern oil 30
red potion 30
orange potion 100
clear potion 400
cyan potion 70
scroll labeled KERNOD WEL 50
scroll labeled VENZAR BORGAVVE 70
scroll labeled PRATYAVAYAH 100
scroll labeled VELOX NEB 1000

New Items - Crown
crown Crown is a new armor for prince/princess only. It can increase WIS and CHR. It will be destory when the prince/princess lose control of Kent Castle.


Wedding - Chuls and Mary :-)   (Sorry I forgot to put this picture 2 days ago...)
Wedding - Chuls and Mary


Today Tips: What are the disadvantages of morphing into a monster?
1. The monster we morphed may not wear some armor, therefore the AC is worse than normal player.
2. The speed of the monster may slower than normal player.

Briel's Status: LV 42, HP 517, MP 42  ;) (US Server)


19th June 1999

Kent Castle Siege System Test Server is on!
Click here to see how to connect to the server. Only Korean accounts can play on this server. Remember backup your Lineage Client before you download the update, otherwise you cannot play on the commercial servers. Detail of the Kent Castle will be written here soon.


Some Info about the Kent Castle Siege System Update
1. A lot of 'talking only' NPC is added in town, they will talk with you on the recent events.
2. Identified an item will show its weight, erosion and some decription as below:


3. Saying/Shouting will not have bubbles anymore, as below:


4. Some merchants is inplemented on the Town near Gludio Castle


5. We can go inside the castle
Screen shot 1 | 2 | 3
19990619-8.gif (7598 ????)
Also Bahof, a storage NPC same as Dorin and Karim, is located inside the Gludoi Castle

6. I will write more...

Today Tips: What are the advantages of morphing into a monster?
1. If we morphed into a monster, some aggressive monsters like shelob, ungoliant, human zombie and ghoul will not attack you unless you attack them.
2. We can pick up items and using ebony wand to call lightning faster(less frozen time).
3. Some monster like elder have long attack range, and the damage is not affected by weapon.
PS: Remember to restart after you are morphed in order to make this first advantage working.

Briel's Status: LV 42, HP 517, MP 42  ;) (US Server)


18th June 1999

Crashing Bug
If we press the arrow key (or other special keys) on keyboard while we are going to a stair, teleport spot, gunter house, etc. Our Lineage Client will crash... This bug existed very long ago and it will be fixed in next update.

Today's Tip: Don't use the Trading Window!
The Bug (actually I think it is a flaw...) of Trading Window haven't fixed yet...

Briel's Status: LV 42, HP 517, MP 42  ;) (US Server)


17th June 1999

Trading Window Bug
Some players can thief items through the trading windows, the method is as below:
1. The thief will ask you to show or trade items. Then you will open the trading window.
2. The thief wait until you put your items in the trading window.
3. Then, the thief dumps a lot of items (e.g. meat, candle) to you to make you carrying 180 items.
4. The thief press the 'Cancel' button on the trading window.
5. Then the items transfer from the Trading Window to your inventory. Since you already carried 180 item which is the maximum, the items from the Trading Window will drop automatically to the ground.
6. The thief pick up items you dropped from the ground.
Therefore we should not attmpt to use trade window until the bug is fixed.

Title Bug is fixed
Sometime you see a player is online, but you cannot /who the player. It is because the player is using 2-byte word (like Korean, Japanese and Chinese) on his/her title and the message window in US server does not allow 2-byte word. This bug is fixed when the server is downed for a minute yesterday, the 2-byte word will become '?' in US server.

Today's Tip: How to improve my speed to Lineage?
- change your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to a faster one
- play this game at non-rush hour
- do not run other program (e.g. ICQ) or download file while you are playing Lineage
- upgrade your computer (e.g. upgrade your modem)
- /chat off, /exclude the spammers

Briel's Status: LV 41, HP 505, MP 40  ;) (US Server)


16th June 1999

Dice daggers temporarily removed from the game
Since the function of dice daggers are too powerful, they have been recalled, all dice daggers in game changed into normal scroll labeled DAIYEN FOOELS. They will be give back to the owners in next update which the function of dice dagger changed.

Today's Tip: How to make a Logo(Emblem) for my pledge?
1. Use any image editor (like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc) to create the logo, then save it into 16(width) x 12(height) x 24bits(color depth) BMP format image file in Lineage folder. For example, if our Lineage folder is located at 'C:\Lineage', then we can save our logo at 'C:\Lineage\abc.bmp'. Also we have to notice that the pure black color(RGB# 0 0 0) will be transparent.
2. Login your prince or princess character in Lineage, type '/checkbmp filename.bmp' to check whether the image file is correct. If it is correct the logo will be displayed above our character. In my case, I have to type '/checkbmp abc.bmp'
3. After we checked our logo is correct, we can type '/emblem filename.bmp' to upload our logo. It may take a minutes for this process. (In my case I have to type '/emblem abc.bmp')
4. After a minute, then we restart our character. The logo should be displayed on the left of our name. :-) 

Briel's Status: LV 41, HP 505, MP 40  ;[ (US Server)


15th June 1999

Becareful of COI + dice dagger PK
Currently a player in Lineage wearing cloak of invisibility (COI, will be not seen by other player) and dice dagger (1% of dead hit) to kill other players. The PK hit everyone, include the strong players. Since the PK have many potions and teleport scroll, he can attack a player continuously for long time and if he is lucky, he can kill the player by dice dagger. When many players teamed together to kill the PK,  the PK just simply teleport out. Therefore we must be careful... I hope Lineage staff can change the function of dice dagger soon. (It is too evil!)

Today's Tip: Useful Items in Dungeon
Sometime you may find useful items on the ground in dungeon that can sell to merchant (Pandora or Catty) for adena in Dungeon, here is the list of those common items: (adena)
axe(25), battle axe(350), athame(50), mace(325),  bill-guisarme(400), war hammer(500).

Briel's Status: LV 40, HP 494, MP 38  8] (US Server)


14th June 1999

Test on Kent Castle Siege System
Forward from Announcement of Lineage Homepage:
Update on June will enable new essential systems for the game such as the Kent Castle Siege System. Before this is officially implemented in the game we will be accepting Lineage players to test the new system for 3 days in June.
All monthly account subscribers on the Depardiue or the Ken Rauhel server are eligible to participate. Monthly account subscribers interested in participating in this beta test can connect to the test server by following instructions below.
  1. A new set of Lineage client program is needed to particpate in this test. This can be done by copying the folder where the Lineage client is located in.
  2. Next, go to the copied folder and right-click on lineage.exe, and at the menu choose 'Create Shortcut'.
  3. After the shortcut has been created right-click on the new 'lineage.exe shortcut icon', and select 'Properties' from the menu.
  4. Select the 'shortcut' tab and go to the program location input window and add the server IP address, at the end of "...\lineage.exe".Ex)
    C:\Program Files\Lineage\lineage.exe
  5. Press the 'OK' button.
  6. Double-click the new lineage shortcut icon to start the game.


  1. Notice on the test dates will be posted soon. The IP address will not work before or after this period.
  2. In case of unforseen events, it is highly recommended that the whole of the Lineage folder be copied as above mentioned. Using your current Lineage client to connect to the test server could cause problems in connecting to the current service servers because of the updates that will be made to the client program.
  3. The existing characters on the Depardiue server of monthly account members will be copied to the test server so there will be no need to start a new character there. Also please be aware that any items, experience, etc., lost or gained on this server will have no effect on the existing character on the Depardiue server.
  4. We would appreciate prompt reports on any kind of bugs or errors to the administrator on the web board to insure better integrity of the game.
  5. The purpose of the test server is to test the new systems that will be implemented and NCsoft is not responsible for any problems that could arise during this testing period on the test server.

In the future, for all major updates to the service there will be a testing period where paying subscribers could participate. We hope for your support in the test server NCsoft has prepared to provide better service and give the paying subscribers a little earlier glimpse of the updated Lineage.

Lineage Team

My Question about the Test Server
The announcement above said 'All monthly account subscribers on the Depardiue or the Ken Rauhel server are eligible to participate' which Departdiue and Ken Rauhel are both Korean server. So can the players from US Server to join?

Today's Tip: Rubbish Items in Game
If you have gone to dungeon, you will find many items on the ground. However most of them are useless and non-sellable. For example empty wands, flail and clubs. So do not pick them unless you have a large storage...

Briel's Status: LV 39, HP 481, MP 37  :< (US Server)


13th June 1999

Wedding ^o^

Today's Tip: Hidden Command to check the verson of server and client
We can type /ver to check the version of Server, Cache Server, NPC server and Client version.

Briel's Status: LV 38, HP 471, MP 35  :> (US Server)


12th June 1999

7 colors gradius without stage (maybe it is a knife)?

Today's Tip: Hidden Command to check when server was on

I just found a hidden command to check when the server was on. We can type /uptime to check it. It will show when the server was started and how long has the server running.
PS: The time that server is running is calculated by 'your computer clock' - 'server start time'. So it may not be corrected since players live in different country with different time zone.

Briel's Status: LV 37, HP 460, MP 34  :] (US Server)


11th June 1999

7 colors tower shield?

Today's Tip: More about Colored Text
If we want the message background in color, we can key "\bx Your message" (not include the quotes). Where x is 0~G in ASCII code. The color table is same as foreground text.
For example, if we want to type the following message to chat channel:
We have to type:
&\f1\b=I always buy green potion for 500 adena each, whisper me if u sell 10 or over ^_^

Briel's Status: LV 37, HP 460, MP 34  :) (US Server)


10th June 1999

6 colors knight visor?

Today's Tip: Colored Text
Sometime you may see people talking in conversation windows with colored text, we can do this easily by keying "\fx Your message" (not include the quotes)
Where X is 0~G in ASCII Code.
0~G represent different colors, the following is the color table:

\f0   \f:   \fA  
\f1   \f;   \fB  
\f2   \f<   \fC  
\f3   \f=   \fD  
\f4   \f>   \fE  
\f5   \f?   \fF  
\f6   \f@   \fG  

Briel's Status: LV 36, HP 448, MP 32  ;0 (US Server)


9th June 1999

6 colors great axe?

Today's Tip: Don't give adena to beggar
Yesterday there is a beggar in Main Land. He go around to ask every people for adena for about 6 hours. I will not give adena to beggar and I'm not suggest you to do so. It is because most beggars are only temporary character (3 days account) created by current players who are lazy to hunt. After they get your adena they will transfer it to their main character so you never know who is the main character. Personally I think it is a kind of cheating, they cheat people that they are a newbie and poor for adena. So I recommend that it is better to give items (like morning star, cloak of magic resistance...) to help other newbie or beginner.
PS: If the beggar can beg 1,000 adena from each people, it is very easy for he to earn 30,000 adena a day...

Briel's Status: LV 35, HP 434, MP 32  ;> (US Server)


8th June 1999

7 colors gradius?

Today's Tip: I and l

The letter 'I' (capital letter of 'i') and 'l' (small letter of 'L') is very similar in Lineage. 'I' is only a little short than 'l' so cheaters may try to make character with name similar to some famous player to cheat for items(especially rings). Therefore we must be careful and watch out the difference between 'I' and 'l'. I hope Lineage Staff can change or modify the font soon.

Briel's Status: LV 34, HP 421, MP 30  ;} (US Server)


7th June 1999

7 colors dice dagger?
There may be 7 different colors of dice dagger which have different function.
(blue, cyan, green, orange, purple, red, yellow)
dice dagger
Or maybe a dice dagger will change color often like the above picture.

Today's Tip: Expert Equipment
If you have played Lineage for a long time, your level is over 35 and got many enchant scrolls form boss, here below is the best equipment in Lineage currently:
Weapon: +katana(1 hand, 10/12+), +2 handed sword(2 hand, 12/6+) or +great axe(2 hand, 10/16+)
- +dwarvish iron helm(2+ac)
- +T-shirt(0+ac)
- +plate mail(7+ac)
- +elven shield(2+ac) or shield of reflection(2+ac)
- +glove(0+ac)
- +cloak of protection(3+ac) or +cloak of invisible(1+ac)
- +boots(2+ac)
- ring of teleport control(0ac)
- ring of polymorph control(0ac)

Briel's Status: LV 33, HP 409, MP 30  ;] (US Server)


6th June 1999

Item Request
I am collecting weapons now(I will make a accurate and reliable Weapon List), if you have the following weapons please give or sell to me. :-D
yumi, quarterstaff, stiletto, ranseur, voulge, guisarme, javelin, partisan, fauchard, lance, glavie, bec de corbin, dwarvish spear, unicorn horn, runesword.
Also I will buy a lucern hammer for 6,000 adena, whisper me (Briel) in game if you sell.

Today's Tip: All Elven Equipment
Weapon: elven spear(1 hand, 8/8) or elven sword(1 hand, 8/8) or elven bow (1 hand, 2/2)
- elven leather helm(1ac)
- banded mail(6ac, it is light)
- elven shield(2ac)
- elven cloak(1ac)
- low boots(1ac)

Briel's Status: LV 32, HP 397, MP 28  ;D (US Server)


5th June 1999

Something about Hacking
You may hear that some people account was hacked by someone and lost items. You may think the DB of Lineage is easy to leak out. In fact, hacking Lineage DB is very difficult, therefore the problem is mostly on user-side. For example some hackers may install hacking programs in Game Room that trace down the key you typed in and send it to some host. Your computer may be infected with Trojan program that logging down your action and send it to some people. So I recommend you do the following to avoid being hacked:
- If you are playing in Game Room, ensure that the computer does not run any hacking program.
- Scan your computer with the most recently updated Anti-Virus Program often to avoid the infection of Trojan program.
- Never tell your account name or password to anyone.
- Don't use a easy-guess password.
- Once your account was hacked, reported to Admin immediately.
Since the action in Lineage is logged down, so it is easy for Lineage Staff to find the hacker and ban the hacker's account. Therefore your must NEVER try to hack Lineage.

Today's Tip: Advancer Equipment
If you level is between 15 and 25,  I recommend you use the following equipment:
Weapon: red knight sword(1 hand, 8/12, +1 str) or great axe (2 hand, 10/16)
- dwarvish iron helm(2ac)
- bronze plate mail(6ac)
- dwarvish roundshield(2ac) or elven shield(2ac)
- cloak of magic resistance(1ac) or elven cloak(1ac)
- low boots(1ac)
These items should be easy to buy from players at reasonable price. For example a BPM can be bought at around 1500 adena.

Briel's Status: LV 30, HP 373, MP 25  ;D (US Server)


4th June 1999

Server Status
Server is still the same as yesterday: Only good if play locally. Also today some players cannot connect for some minutes suddenly (I got lag out 6 times in 4 minutes, then cannot connect to the server for some minutes although the server is not downed). I really want the server move back to US ASAP!

Today's Tip: Beginner Equipment
If you just played Lineage for a few days and you are over level 5,  I recommend you use the following equipment:
Weapon: morning star (1 hand, 9/10)
- helmet(1ac) or dwarvish iron helm(2ac)
- leather jacket(1ac), orcish ring mail(2ac), ring mail(3ac), scale mail(4ac) or orcish chain mail(5ac)
- small shield(1ac), dwarvish roundshield(2ac) or elven shield(2ac)
- cloak of magic resistance(1ac) or elven cloak(1ac)
- low boots(1ac)
These items should be easy available from monsters, some of them can even find on the ground.

Briel's Status: LV 28, HP 348, MP 24  8D (US Server)


3rd June 1999

Server Status
After yesterday's update, many players feel more lag than before. And some of them (include me and some strong players) got killed because of lagging. Therefore I recommended that always keep your HP high when you are hunting, and restart, quit or close Lineage Client immediately when you found you are lagging.

Today's Tip: Dungeon HuntingDungeon Hunting
When you are hunting alone in dungeon, you meet a lot of monsters and you cannot take all at the same time, what will you do?
If you think you can only kill them one by one, just run to a one-footstep width dead end (like the one I'm standing) and kill the monsters one after another. It should be much easier than take all as the same time.

Briel's Status: LV 26, HP 319, MP 24  8) (US Server)


2nd June 1999

Today's Update
Today's Update

Anyone knows how does the power of ID scroll is enhanced? It seems no difference...

Today's Tip: Restart to Town from DungeonRestart to Town
Restart while you are standing on a closed stair in dungeon, then you will find yourself in Town when you login again. :-D
PS: You can stand on the stair first, and then ask someone to help you close the stair.

Briel's Status: LV 24, HP 293, MP 20  ;) (US Server)


1st June 1999

Crashing Bug
If we resurrect a morphed player, all players in the same screen will crash out.

Server Status
The server is better than 2 days before now. However we might also encounter server lag. It happened about 10 times yesterday.

Today's Tip: Hotkeys
There are 4 hotkeys in Lineage currently as below:
F5 - red potion
F6 - orange potion
F7 - clear potion
F8 - cyan potion
They will be very useful when we need to kill monster and drink potion together because we don't need to open the inventory and double click on the potion while we are hitting a monster.
Also, we can set our own hotkeys, but only F5~F8 can be used at this moment. For example, if we want to set F6 as using ebony wand, we can type '/F6 ebony wand'. After this if we press F6, the top most ebony wand will be used and we can select our target.

Briel's Status: LV 22, HP 269, MP 20  :) (US Server)


31st May 1999

Server Status
The server status seems very bad yesterday. The server always lag. I am sure that it is due to the server problem, not our problem since all people was lagging at a certain moment. It happened more than 50 times yesterday. Many people died or kick out. I hope NCSoft can solve the problem soon.
Also since the server is located in Korea, most foreigner didn't have a fast connection to it. My 'ping' is between 300ms and 600ms. It is even slower than the old Korea Server. (I got lower than 250ms in old Korea Server) NCSoft must find a new partner as soon as possible.

Today's Tip: How to see in dark without lighting devices?
That's pretty simple: just turn the brightness of your monitor higher.

Before tuning:

After tuning:

Briel's Status: LV 20, HP 245, MP 20  :D (US Server)


30th May 1999

I'm Back!I'm Back!
Hello everyone! I'm back! I've just finished my exam~ Now I got many free time! (no homework, school and exam ^_^)  Of course I will continuous to write this homepage and play Lineage. :-)
Apart from Lineage, I also play Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). However my dancing skill is not very good... I can only finish Butterfly in hard mode, cannot even clear Ku Fu Fighting... ~.~
Anyway, I hope everyone Good Luck in Lineage. ^o^
PS: My name is 'Briel' in Lineage, and someone have taken 'BrielHK', so 'BrielHK' is not me in US Server.

Today's Tip: How to find the speed of my connection to Lineage?
Method 1: Start --> Run --> Type 'ping'
Method 2: Goto DOS prompt, Type 'ping'
You will see the message below in both method: (sorry my Windows is in Chinese...)
It shows the time required for the server to respond. Therefore the lower the time, the faster the connection. In my case, the time required for response on average is 384ms. (I call it as 'ping')
If your 'ping' is lower than 200ms, your connection is very fast. So there is no problem about lagging, or you might lag rarely.
If your 'ping is between 200ms and 400ms, your speed is fast and sometimes you may find some lag .
If your 'ping is between 400ms and 600ms, your speed is average and you will be lagging often.
With ping higher than 600ms, personally I would not recommend you to play Lineage... It is very risky to lose item by lag.
PS: lag means delay due to slow connection, slow processing or server problem.

Briel's Status: LV 19, HP 233, MP 18  :p (US Server)