What's Old?

23rd November 1998
Scarecrew in Training Area
The scarecrews in Training Area will not give experience to the players who are above level 5. It is due to some players continueous to hit the scarecrews to cheat experience.
BrielHK's status: Lev 34.0, HP 396, MP 126, -10 AC  :-)


17th November 1998
bugbear1.gif (12030 bytes)bugbeardie.gif (6950 bytes) New Monster - Bugbear
As I mentioned on 10th November, the fat man, Bugbear is one of the three monsters that will be added soon. Although Bugbear is fat, he is quite fast and he has lots of HP. However his attack is not very strong, so it is as strong as about a Unlogliant. So far I see he will drop about 250 adena only. He is located near the Chaotic Temple.
Also, the colour of Spartoi is changed, it is a little blue when compared to skeleton.spartoi.gif (4886 bytes)

Town on Main Land
Lineage added a Town in Main Land in today update. Currently there is no NPC in the town yet. Therefore the town is empty.
newtownentrance.gif (55909 bytes)
Entrance of The Town. The town is located near the Main Land Port.


newtownhouse.jpg (18667 bytes)
One of the houses in the Town. All houses are empty currently.

Water Walking?
waterwalking.gif (32801 bytes)

Main Land Town Update
You can download the Main Land Town Update (6.0 MB) from:

Lineage Server is downed currently due to the update, it will back after 30 minutes, at about 18:45 Korean Time (GMT+9).
You can see the Korean Time under the "What's New?" title in this page.
PS: Don't expect too much that the Lineage Server will back on time.

BrielHK's status: Lev 33.3, HP 384, MP 126, -10 AC  :-)


15th November 1998
PKing in Town?PKing in Town?
The area shown on the picture near the town entrance(inside town) can kill people now after some of the updates. However it is same as killing in Duel Field. Therefore guards will not help, and when people died there, they will neither lose items or experience.
BrielHK's status: Lev 33.2, HP 384, MP 126, -10 AC  :-)


13th November 1998 (Black Friday...)
Sword of Red Knights?
If you finished the quest of Knight and you cannot get the Sword of Red Knights, don't worry. There is a bug on it so many players cannot get it. Admin will insert back the sword to the users who in this case very soon. This sword is +1 STR and I guess it is same damage as long sword (8/12).

One more T1 line added
Due to the growth of Lineage users, today Lineage adds one more T1 Line. Now Lineage have 3 T1 lines, the server can handle around 600 usera together with the 3.5mbps (Mega Bit Per Secound) bandwidth. Lineage is planning to expand the Lineage Network to more than 5 mbps which can handle more than 1000 users together by the end of this year.

Message of Admin(Linmaster):

Lineage server backbone network has added 1 more T1 line today.
I expect that this will help to reduce lags. Now lineage network can handle arround 600 concurrent users.
I am planning to expand lineage network to more than 5 Mbps which can handle more than 1000 users until the end of this year.

Thank you very much.

Prince All Zero Bug?
Some players maybe see a dead prince with all values Zero when you login Lineage. I think it is due to the loss of users' data. If you encounter this problem remember to email Linmaster.

BrielHK's status: Lev 33.0, HP 384, MP 126, -10 AC  :-)


10th November 1998
big-foot.gif (7709 bytes)New Monster - Fat Giant?
This fat man is probably one of the three new monsters that will be added in this week. he seems not very strong since he is fat and his speed may be as slow as a stone golem.
BrielHK's status: Lev 32.7, HP 373, MP 125, -10 AC  :-)


8th November 1998

Main Land

harbor_master1.gif (10603 bytes)
harbor_master2.gif (7782 bytes) nail_of_shelob.gif (3637 bytes) ticket_to_mainland.gif (3760 bytes)
You need to buy ticket from Harbor Master first in order to travel to Main Land, or backward.
Prince(Princess) and Knight is required to complete a quest first, you can ask Gunter in the cave about it.
Elf do not have quest, so the ticket fee is higher, it cost 1,000 adena for elf and 300 adena for Prince(Princess) or Knight

boattomainland.jpg (28946 bytes)
After you bought the ticket, you can get on the boat when the boat arrived. (walk to the 'door' of the boat')


boatatmainland.jpg (27177 bytes)
The trip between Talking Island and Main Land is about 500 seconds. After this you can reach the Main Land~


gruman.gif (18013 bytes) cyan_potion.gif (3695 bytes)
Gruman is a merchant near the Main Land's seaport. The special things he sells is low boots(300 adena), cyan potion(potion of cure poison, 100 adena) and VELOX scroll(1,000 adena)


Ghoul.gif (5484 bytes)
Ghoul, who look same as human zombie, is the new monster on Main Land. It is a little bit stronger than human zombie and it will poison us. When we are completely poisoned we cannot move (same as frozen).


chaotic_temple.gif (63643 bytes)
This is the Chaotic Temple, you can find it in somewhere on Main Land.

Main Land Update Patch
You can download the Main Land Update Patch from the following sites:

BrielHK's status: Lev 32.5, HP 373, MP 125, -10 AC  8-)


7th November 1998
Main Land Update is Scheduled on 8th Nov. 12:00pm (KST, GMT+9)
Message from Admin(Linmaster):

Hi.. Lineage users.

Finally update is scheduled on tomorrow...
I would like to appologize for many delays..
I will save comments for your interests...

But, please do me a favor. It is also benefit to you.
Before lineage server restart for update, I will upload update
patch file for upgrade on lineage homepage download menu.

Please try to download update patch file first before you try to
log in lineage. Down load update patch file and extract to lineage
home directory. and later (after you do this job) try to log in.
This will help to reduce lineage server network usage that helps
play lineage less lag. and takes less time to get update files..

Thank you very much..
BrielHK's status: Lev 32.0, HP 373, MP 125, -10 AC  8-)


5th November 1998
Main Land Update is Delayed Again...
Message from Admin (Linmaster):
Hi. lineage users.

I am very sorry that I broke user's promise. 1st stage update works are getting in wrap up status, but, it needs few more days. Every programmers and designers are working up all night, but
it takes more days than I thought.

For me, I would like to update later than 14th Nov. since new T1 line will be added to lineage server,(^^) but it seems update will be possible on 7th or 8th Nov.

For the download jam whenever lineage update starts, I would like to suggest alternative way of download. When lineage start to update thousand user's are trying to download by active download method. (just tring to connect). but it takes more time. because it is not compressed.

Next update, I will make an upgrade patch file first and link it on the lineage homepage download site. So please tring to download update patch file first before you connect to lineage service. It will save lineage server network usage and lags alot. So the result will be less traffic through server network, means less lag. and downloading patch file is much faster than active download.

Please trying to download patch file first before you trying to connect lineage for next update.

My deep appologies for delayed update.

Thank you very much.


PS: It's the 4th time that Main Land update is delayed... I hope no more delay again...
BrielHK's status: Lev 32.0, HP 373, MP 125, -10 AC  8-)


3rd November 1998
All Player Data is restored backward
Admin restore all players' data backward to some hour ago since some players gain or lost items by the Zero Bug.

All Zego Bug Again?
I heard from one of my friend that when he logined into Lineage at about 10:30pm (KST, GMT+9), he found his level is 0, he died and dropped items... T.T Maybe Lineage is fixing the problem now since the server was downed...

Limitation on Durin
Durin will only keep items for a Player who have a title. Same account will use the same storage space.

Guard and Elder are Lawful?
When we kill guard or elder, we will become more chaotic...

BrielHK's status: Lev 31.9, HP 361, MP 125, -10 AC  8-)