What's Old?

31st October 1998
More T1 line will be Added
Since Lineage users are growing really fast that Lineage network can not handle. One more T1 line will be added on 15th Nov. 4 or 5 T1 lines will be connected untill the end of this year.

Main Land Update is Delay Again
Main land update is delayed again to 5th Nov. due to Huge Graphic works. Lineage Staff is very sorry that make us wait longer..

Anyway here is the brief information regarding to Main Land update:

1. about coming main land update.
- There will be a a passenger ship which travel between Talking Island and main land and the fee is 300 adena. However elf has to pay 1000 adena since they are without quest.
- Quest for the Prince/Princess: Lev should be above 15 and has to have more than 5 pledge member.
- Quest for the Knight: You should be able to hunt shelob by yourself.
- If you stand at the entrance of safety zone, you will be disconnected automatically and your data will be lost(after autosave)

2. later update

- Main land play ground : you can play a soccor game in group.
- armor shop : will be various shops and more items carried like katana. etc.
- special monster added : like short distance teleport feature and poisoned..

3. features added late this year.

- Armor Skill System : longer use then stronger and special features generated.
- House build : you can build a house by pledge unit or charactor unit.

Coloured Titlecolourtitle.gif (709 bytes)
If you go to Lineage today, you may see many players have a coloured title. After the update on 28th Oct., prince or princess can give a coloured title by "/title Playername \fXTitle" Where X is 0~G in ASCII Code.
0~G represent a different colour, the following is the colour table:

\f0 @ \f: @ \fA @
\f1 @ \f; @ \fB @
\f2 @ \f< @ \fC @
\f3 @ \f= @ \fD @
\f4 @ \f> @ \fE @
\f5 @ \f? @ \fF @
\f6 @ \f@ @ \fG @
\f7 @
\f8 @
\f9 @

PS: Including the "\fX", the maximun letter of title is 16 bytes.

BrielHK's status: Lev 31.6, HP 361, MP 125, -10 AC  8-)


29th October 1998
Some Changes After the update
- When we restart anywhere on 2/F of Dungeon, we will locate at the entrance of 2/F of Dungeon.
- There will be little but funny animation if we teleport.
- Baphobat will not be available until next Main Land update.

Dorin - Depositordorin.gif (6628 bytes)
Dorin, the depositor (or the locker) of Lineage is added. He is a dwarf and located at the north-east (top-left) of town. There is 2 options to select, the first one is Personal Storage Space, which store items for the character that we using. Only the character can deposite and receive items. The other one is Blood Pledge Storage Space, which for our Blood Pledge therefore everyone in the same Blood Pledge can deposite or receive items. Both storage space can only hold a maximum of 50 items. No matter how long we deposite, Dorin will charge us 20 adena for each items that we want to receive from the storage.

Night Vision of Elf!
Night Vision of Elf! Click for a larger picture!

Lineage Service Temporary Discontinue
Message from Admin:
Lineage service discontinued due to urgent system upgrade.
I will update some system bugs and program.

1. User data saving procedure has been changed... User may not notice a lot... ^^
2. When you restart in dungeon 2nd Floor you will restart at the entrance of 2nd Floor. but baphomat will not be available until main land update. because i have to add restriction of teleport control in 2nd Floor.
3. Elf will have night vision. Cool feature..!!
4. You can deposit your stuff to dwarf in town.

Thank you.

Don't Worry if you find your Character's Status turns to all 0
Some Characters' Status may turn to all 0. But don't worry, Admin already had the list of players in this case. You do not need to report since Admin will restore them today. Admin is very sorry of this happen.

BrielHK's status: Lev 31.1, HP 361, MP 125, -10 AC  8-)


28th October 1998
Baphomat is not Available until Next Update
Message from Admin
Currently i have encountered a big problem with baphomat room. So I stoped to generate baphomat temporary. It will come back at next update.
BrielHK's status: Lev 31.1, HP 361, MP 125, -10 AC  8-)


27th October 1998 @
Guard and Agressive Monsters

Guard recognize player even though you have turned to monster.
Polymorph do not protect you from guard. Isn't it cool?

and from last update, we have added agressive monster.
Agressive monster is golem and orc fighter. I'm not saying
that every golem and orcfighter is agressive. There are some
agressive monsters in the field and dungeon. They recognize that
you are the player even you are polymorphed.
Be carefull!



About 2/F of Dungeon
Message from Admim:
Hi. Everyone.

Recently we have encountered to many bad situation regards, many ppl always stay at baphomat room to get rare items. When we design 2nd floor, 2nd floor doesn't allow restart or teleport control. But it is still on construction.

It will be changed at next update.

1. when you restart at dungeon 2nd floor you will locate at the entrance of 2nd floor.
2. teleport control will not work at 2nd floor.


BrielHK's status: Lev 31.0, HP 361, MP 125, -10 AC  8-) @


26th October 1998 @
About LAG
Hi! This is Admin.

Recently lineage service environment(Lag) became pretty bad. It is because of Korean side network bacame kind a unstable. Normal data communication doesn't effect that much but the interactive game like lineage effected alot. Giga-play game like lineage need at least less than 200ms ping time to play normaly, and if it exceed 500ms it is almost impossible to play. When I have analyzed during last few days ping time, it sometimes exceeded 300ms very often. I feel very sorry for this situation. I am currently complaining to my Network provider and trying to stable the network.

I want to appreciate that lineage users are growing real fast. I will expand network and server to cover more users with high quality service. It will be 4 or 5 T1 network will tied up until the end of this year. One or two T1 will be added in next month.

I will seperate the network dedicated to update only so that when lineage is updated normal service does not take effects due to download jam. I am trying to set it up before coming main land update. I am currently scheduling this update network install with network provider, and I am sorry that I can not give you a definite answer now.

I will notice as soon as scheduling is fixed.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours


Regulations of Restore Item and Character
Hi. Lineage users.

My deep appologies that I was not able to process it despite of
many request.

I have restored for your request during last few weeks, but I have encountered some serious problems. Some users started to request false data (cheating) and the other user started to send me strong protest mail, and the worst situation is , since I have to operate user data db server to veryfy user's data in order to check backup file. Recently numbers of user got growth very rapidly and db volume has been very huge. So, backup file restoration takes much resaurce of db server. I can not do it on regular service hour because the process started to effects lineage service.

I will set up a seperate db for backup restoration but i need little more time, until then please be patient.

This is the charactor restoration regulation.

1. All data will be restored based on backup file and there is no exception. There is a limit for the item restoring. The limit is +6 for the weapons and +4 for the armors. It means if you lost +9 weapon I will give you +6 wapon for example. I know that you will think that this is unfair. But this way I can prevent cheating for very rare items.

2. I do not have any responsibilty to restore charator which has been delete by themselves. (I can verify that which has been delete by users or communication error.)

However, if you have confidence that your charactor has been deleted due to system fault do not try to make charactor with same charactor name. Please mail me or post it on the board promptly. You have to describe in detail which include your last date when you saw your charactor and use it. I will take discovery time as posting time on email or bulletin.

*[Very Important]*
If you make a new charactor with same charactor name as before, I can not veryfy the reason of charactor disappear. It deletes the evidence to interpretation. Therefor I can not restore it.

3. Basically I do not restore exps and items loss caused by lag. Lag is not on lineage services responsibilities because it is very dependable on whole network condition. Except for the lineage server or system fault.

4. I do not restore for the situation which has been generated by users side in the game. For example, pk and foul play etc.

5. I will restore your request every wed during regular service hour. I will try to shorten this.

I know that this is not enough. I will try to make a good service.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely


Rules for Chatting Channel
Hi! Lineage users.

Recently I noticed that the chatting manner has been really bad. Today I would like to announce The rules for chatting.
Before read this board, please try to read lineage user agreement at the homepage. The agreement has been notice from the beginning of commercial service, but location was hard to find. So many users couldn't see it. So, I have moved to middle of registering page. In order to use lineage service user has to agree to follow the agreement.

I am specifying chatting rules here.

1. When user use abuse language on chatting window or by whispering.
: User's charactor will be banned during 1 week. If it recurs charactor will be banned permanently, and user's account will be suspened during 1 week.

2. When user use abuse laguage to other user's parents on chatting
window or by whispering.
: User's charactor will be banned permanently, and user's account will be suspened during 1 week. If it recurs user's account will be banned permanently.

3. When user deliberately and continuously abuse or torture other specific user.
: User's charactor will be banned during 1 week. If it recurs charactor will be banned permanently, and user's account will be suspened during 1 week.

Chatting features in lineage is for a every user's benefit. Every time when you play lineage please remind that this is just a virtual game. Let's try to play lineage in a pleasant manner.

If you find that someone is abusing on you, please capture it and post it on the board or email to linmaster@ncsoft.co.kr. You can save it by using Screen Capture button on the keybord. Using graphic s/w and Ctrl+V can make you save the captured seen. And attach it on your message.

But if the screen capture is edited, your account will be suspended.

Sincerely yours

BrielHK's status: Lev 30.8, HP 348, MP 125, -10 AC  8-) @


25th October 1998 @
Foreign Credit Card Problem
Lineage have a problem to process second month fee for foreign credit card. Therefore when Lineage fail to charge our credit card our account will not be accessable to Lineage. Lineage will fix this problem ASAP. The current solution is re-register our account using the same credit card.

Here is the message from Admin:
Hi. Foreign users.

I am very sorry to telling you this.
Currently we have problem to process second month fee for foreign
credit card. As a result when we fail to charge your credit card
your account automatically became not accessable to lineage.
My deep appologies.

We will fix it ASAP. Until then please try to re-register your
account using same credit card.

I am very sorry about this.

Thank you very much.
BrielHK's status: Lev 30.6, HP 348, MP 125, -10 AC  8-) @


24th October 1998 @
PK List Update
Since there is a increasing of PKers in Lineage, I have updated the PK List again. Feel free to email me the names of PKers.
PS: The meaning of PKer in the PK List is: Killing Other Players without Permission.
No Pking!
BrielHK's status: Lev 29.5, HP 335, MP 123, -10 AC  8-) @


21st October 1998 @
More about Yesterday's Update
Some factor has been edited like below:
1. Guard is faster and more powerful.
2. All polymorph will be returned to normal after 2 hours even though the polymorph was performed before last update.
3. Guard polymorph is not possible. No more guard polymorph!
4. Monsters have little more IQ!...^^
- Skeletons at 2/F Dungeon, about 10 skeletons will team together and hit anyone in their visible distance.
- Shelobs at 2/F Dungeon, 6 shelobs will stay at a fix place unless people come in. Therefore they will not hurt by the arrows when no people were there.
- Baphomat, it will attack the people in his visible distance. Therefore it is very hard to trap him.
- Monster Parties, some parties like 3 elders together / 1 elder + 2 floating eyes.
BrielHK's status: Lev 28.6, HP 323, MP 123, -5 AC  :) @


20th October 1998 @
New Male Elf were Out!
The New Male Elf!
The New
Male Elf

The new male elf were implemented in today's thousand files of update. However don't expect too much on him. He just have the status same as the female elf. Anyway he have a cool look and animated body. ^o^
PS: You can get the update of the files from here.

BrielHK's status: Suspended (Credit Card Problem) T.T @


19th October 1998 @
Lineage Main Server Restored
Lineage Main Server have been restored at 02:50pm (GMT+9). The game speed should be better now.
BrielHK's status: Lev 27.6, HP 309, MP 123, -5 AC  :D @


18th October 1998 @
All Data were Restore to 17 Oct
Due to heavy duping of items after 18 Oct 04:00am when Lineage switch to the old and slower server, all users' data were restored to 17 Oct 18:00pm. Therefore all your state such as items and experience will be same as that time.

Temporary service due to Main server problem
Today around 16:00pm(GMP+9) Main Server had break down. The power supply has been out of order. The part is not availble until monday. So Lineage is switch to the old server which CPU usage is very high. Therefore playing is not as good as before (Maybe more Lag).

BrielHK's status: Lev 27.3, HP 309, MP 123, -5 AC  :D @


17th October 1998 @
More Japanese Support Added
supjap.gif (4212 bytes) supjapan.gif (4662 bytes)
After the 74 update files, Lineage supports more Japanese as above.
PS: If we are not using Japanese Windows, we need to download and install the Japanese font in order to see.
BrielHK's status: Lev 27.3, HP 309, MP 123, -5 AC  :D @


16th October 1998 @
Monsters got TrappedBaphomet Got Trapped
It is very often to see monsters were trapped inside wall, fence or pillar in Lineage. Once the monster got trapped we cannot attack it and vice versa. Also the monsters will not rebith again. Therefore if some important monster, like Baphomet, got trapped, we cannot enjoy to hunt it. We need to wait for Lineage to reset the monster server.
More About /bookmark Command
The maximun number of the name of the place that we want to bookmark is 27 characters (or 13.5 Korean words). If we type more than that our Lineage will crash.
Also, I make a mistake yesterday. We can simply delete the place that we don't want by the Delete key on keyboard.
BrielHK's status: Lev 27.3, HP 309, MP 123, -5 AC  :D @


15th October 1998 @
/bookmark Command is added
A new command /bookmark is added for the player who have ring of teleport control and scroll of teleportation. Now we can no longer type in the location if we want to teleport there. We need to go there and bookmark the place first. Then when we use teleport scroll, it will pop up the bookmark window and we can double click to place that we want to teleport to.

Keys will Drop Automatically
Golden key and pale silver key will drop automatically before we restart or quit. Therefore we cannot store these keys any more.

Polymorph is Limited to 2 hours
Polymorph will last for only 2 hours now. After 2 hours we changed into monster we will become normal player again. Anyway Admin said the amount of maple wand (wand of polymorph) will be increase according to this change.
But I think this change is bad, because it will encourage player to morph other players into 10AC monster and PK them...
I hope ring of polymorph control will be available soon.

BrielHK's status: Lev 27.3, HP 309, MP 123, -5 AC  :D @


14th October 1998 @
Details of New Experience Distribution System
More experience will be distribute to the first attacker and the attacker who make more effective hits. Read the following from Admin and you will clear about it. :-)

Hi. This is admin.

Now player can share the exp when you hunt with other ppl.
You do not loose exp even through you were a first hitter.
But I am asking you that do not interrupt other player's hunting.

I will explain how exp is distributed to group hunters.
Enjoy group hunting.

- Monster can recognize attacker's character and number of effective hit.
- Monster give exp to hunters according to the total number of hits.
- Number of hit is not attempted but effective hit will be counted.
- The first hitter has double number of hit counted than the other hunter.
- Even though the first hitter restart the second hitter does not become a first hitter.
- If all player restart who has attacked and later other player start to attack he will be a new first hitter.

- Mothod 1 - when the first hitter is still existing.

The first hitter A 4 hit
user B 6 hit
user C 2 hit
Total effective hit 12 hit

The first hitter double number of hit.
So monster count like this.

The first hitter A 8 hit
user B 6 hit
user C 2 hit
Total effective hit 16 hit

and the exp for each hunters when monster give 100 exp are

The first hitter A (8*100)/16 = 50
user B (6*100)/16 = 37.5 --> 37
user C (2*100)/16 = 12.5 --> 12

- Mothod 2 - when there is no first hitter.

The first hitter A 4 hit
user B 6 hit
user C 2 hit
Total effective hit 12 hit

since there is no first hitter there is no double point.
and the exp for each hunters when monster give 100 exp are

The first hitter A (4*100)/12 = 33.3 --> 33
user B (6*100)/12 = 50
user C (2*100)/12 = 16.6 --> 16

Don't Shout Too Much
If you find your character's HP won't increase although you stand for long time, here is some possible reasons:
- You carry too many items, you are overweight. You are overweight
- You drink green potion before, the effect of green potion is not finished yet.
- You shout too much, you are too hungry. You are too hungry
- You are lagging.

Since the nutrition of meat is only 0 right now meat is 0 nutrition, therefore it is useless. If we shout too much and feel hungry, we can only eat floating eye meat which come from floating eye only to increase our nutrition. So I suggest we should not shout too much unless we got plenty of floating eye meat.

Jake (Chief Programmer of Lineage) will fix the nutrition of meat soon. ^_^

BrielHK's status: Lev 27.3, HP 309, MP 123, -5 AC  :D @


13th October 1998 @
Kill Guard will become Chaotic
Since guard is counted as a NPC (Non-Playable Character), so if we kill it we will become Chaotic (Killing NPC is same as PKing). Anyway if you don't afraid to become deep red, you can try on them as there is a rumor that guard may drop bronze plate mail (-6AC).
BrielHK's status: Lev 27.2, HP 309, MP 123, -5 AC  :D @


12th October 1998 @
The Hacking Bug is Fixed
Recently, many Lineage english player's characters were hacked. Now Lineage has fixed the hacking bug. If anyone tried to hack Lineage, his/her account will be deleted.

Change of Experience System
Experience points are distributed to all players who engaged in combat. The first hitter will get more experience than the others. Also the one who hit more will get more experience.

BrielHK's status: Lev 27.2, HP 309, MP 123, -5 AC  :D @


10th October 1998 @
Lineage Info moved to another server
Lineage Info moved to another server which is faster for people outside Hong Kong. Anyway the URL has no change.
BrielHK's status: Lev 26.1, HP 297, MP 123, -3 AC  :D @


3rd October 1998 @
Boss of the Dungeon - Baphomet
Baphonmet, a new monster, is the new boss of the dungeon. He is located at the 2nd floor of the dungeon inside the boss room.
Baphomet @
How can we goto the boss room?
So far I know 3 ways to the boss room.
The first way is walk through the 2 paths to the boss room. One of the path is long and hazardous, but honest. The other one is easy but dishonest, there is many traps, and strong monsters.
The second way is using a golden key to open the door of the boss room. However we can only find this key from the Baphomet when he died. The golden key can only use once.
The third way is using VERZAR scrolls. Since it is random target and we don't not have ring of teleport control, we need quite a lot of them in order to go to the boss room. On average, we need to spend about 10 VERZAR scrolls to go there. I prefer you should take at least 20 VERZAR scrolls. Otherwise if we are unlucky, we will use all our scrolls and miss the way in the dungeon.
How strong is the boss?
If you think elder is already very strong, then I don't think I can describe how strong is the boss.
So far I see the boss have 2 kinds of attack. If we attack it from a long distance, the boss will use "Straight Line" attack. All players on the "Line" will hurt about 20~40 HP.
If we attack near it, the boss will use "Circle" attack. All players 1~2 steps near the boss will hurt about 60~80HP! I find my dead body after 2.5 seconds when the boss use this kind of attack.
Also, the boss can summon 5~10 skeletons at once... and there is shelobs near the boss room...
"Circle" attack
What will the boss drop?
So far I see the boss will drop two hands sword, ZELGO scrolls, DAIYEN scrolls, VELOX scrolls, ebony wands, orange potions, adena (the max. i saw was 8000!) and golden key.
Can we trap the boss?
Yes! We can trap the boss.
Firstly, we need tons of people to surround the boss. We need to block all the ways of the boss.
Then, we need a player using long distance attack (like bow & arrows or ebony wand) to attack the boss. The player should then run behind the wall.
At last, the boss will just face to the player who behind wall. And other players near it can kill it.
Trap it!
BrielHK's status: Lev 25.2, HP 284, MP 121, -1 AC  :( @


1st October 1998 @
Second Floor of Dungeon is Out!
In the 298 files update, second floor of dungeon is added!

2nddungeon.jpg (22643 bytes)

Second Floor of Dungeon!


2ndfloor.jpg (13132 bytes)
Entrance of the secord floor


trap.jpg (11168 bytes)
One of the trap in second floor, arrows will come from the hole on the wall to hit you.


sndfloor.jpg (11022 bytes)
Group hunting is very important at there.


Japanese chatting for Japanese Windows
japanese.gif (3461 bytes)
If you are using Japanese, you should able to type Japanese in Lineage now.
If we are not using Japanese Windows, you need to download and install the Japanese font in order to see it.

BrielHK's status: Lev 25.5, HP 284, MP 121, -1 AC  :D @